About us

Do you wish to dive into DNA molecules, row the boat of biotechnology, swim through structures, chill with cells, wear the goggles of genes and party with biology? We’ve got you covered.

MBD stands for ‘My Biology Dictionary’. It is a digital learning platform centered around the beautiful subject of Biology. Let’s learn the A-Z of Biology together. MBD is like a biodiversity hotspot for the subject of Biology. It is a platform enriched with comprehensive knowledge from various fields of Biology like Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and many more. 

Our motto is to create an environment for learning, rather than just facilitate learning. We follow a holistic visual learning approach that suits the best for the subject of Biology and revolves around diagram based methodologies. 

The authenticity of conceptual knowledge lies within practical application. We at MBD aim to transform the concept of rote learning to life-inspired learning. Cell, the basic unit of life very well teaches us the evolutionary and replicative method of learning Biology. So let’s learn it together the cell’s way at MBD.