Author: Pratyaksha Srivastava


Nanocomposites As Food Packaging Materials

A nanocomposite is a polymer film of nanopolymers. Nanocomposites as food packaging materials play a crucial role in food technology and fall under nanobiotechnology. Therefore, bionanotechnology is considered to be...


Go Vegan With McDonald’s McPlant

McDonald’s recently introduced us to the plant-based burger- ‘McPlant’. A vegan burger launched by McDonald’s, made with a juicy plant-based patty in collaboration with Beyond Meat featuring vegan sandwich sauce,...

jute fibres 1

Jute Fibres – The Fibre Of Future

Did you know? Jute is popularly called Golden Fibre due to its colour and high cash value. Jute fibres are the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton. It is...