Q. What is MBD?

A. MBD stands for ‘My Biology Dictionary’. It is a digital learning platform centered around the beautiful subject of Biology. Let’s learn the A-Z of Biology together. 

Q. Why visit MBD?

A.  MBD is like a biodiversity hotspot for the subject of Biology. It is a platform enriched with comprehensive knowledge from various fields of Biology like Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and many more. 

Q. What is our motto?

A. The goal is to create an environment for learning, rather than just facilitate learning. We follow a holistic visual learning approach that suits the best for the subject of Biology and revolves around diagram based methodologies. 

Q.  Are there hand-made diagrams at MBD?

A. Yes, you can find ample of hand made diagrams in the section ‘Diagrams’. These are often useful during examinations. Yes, ” it’s biologically true”. 

Q.  Is there a food section at MBD?

A.  Yes, we also have a food blog section sharing unique and delicious information from the heart of food and beverage industry. It is a guide to healthy, fancy and tasty food. 

Q. Is information on Covid-19 available?

A. Yes,  we offer knowledge on Covid-19 from biological point of view. Yes, ” it’s biologically true”.

Q. Is the information at MBD trustworthy?

A. We at MBD spend every ounce of energy to bring you all the most authentic and accurate information from reliable sources. Yes, ” it’s biologically true”. 

Q. How to contact MBD?

A. Feel free to reach out to us:

E: mybiologydictionary@gmail.com