Teaching job interview questions: A perfect guide

teaching job interview questions

Still not sure about how to answer teaching job interview questions? We got you covered. Teaching is a very noble profession and if you think you have got the nerve for it, here is a guide to clear a teaching job interview. Darwin Martin has rightly said

A teacher’s job is to take a bunch of live wires and see if they are well-grounded.

Clearing interviews is a key hiring process part of mostly all academic institutions. With confidence in your eyes, perfect eye contact and sensible answers you can prove your skills while answering teaching job interview questions.

Here is a list of common teaching job interview questions along with their ideal answers.

What do you like about children and being a teacher?  

The innocence in the eyes of children, their carefree smile and hunger for knowledge fascinates me. The charm of being around children has always pleased me. Even teachers get to learn a lot from children. A good classroom brings the excitement to enjoy little things in life. The tree grows well when the roots are strong, I wish to build the foundation of my students strong so that they can grow up to become responsible people. I have got the motherly tenderness in my eyes for my students which gives me the dedication to work day and night for them. What better way can I make it happen except this beautiful profession?

What do you consider are your major strengths? 

Hardworking nature, sincerity, punctuality, adaptable nature, orating skills are some of the key strengths that keep me going.

What qualities have you admired in other people that you do not possess? 

We live in a world where people speak more than 6500 different languages. I have always admired people who can speak and write foreign languages fluently. This is one thing I would like to inculcate in myself. I plan to learn a new foreign language in near future.

Have you changed in any way in the last five years? In what way? 

Every year we get a fresh bunch of 365 days to write a new chapter of our lives. The last 5 years of my life have been a blend of learning new skills, facing my fears, pursuing my interests, and putting in efforts to become a kind and helpful human. Academically, I have tried to attain expertise in my subject. I have also learnt that hard work never goes in vain, life always rewards us in some form or the other.

What improvements would you like to bring about in your life? 

One always has room for improvement. I am willing to fill in this room by taking some positive daily habits. I wish to improve on areas like reading books about successful people which will inspire me to grow in my career.

What is your greatest motivator? 

Ideas are always backed up by my motivation! My greatest motivator is my mother. I have learnt important life lessons from her like never giving up, taking up failures as an opportunity to improve and never being overconfident.

teaching job interview questions

What have been the major experiences of your life? 

I’m a curious person who absolutely loves gaining new experiences. Every single day of my life until now has been a growing day. My school life was primarily all about finding the field that excites me the most, being a part of various orating competitions and making connections with new people. After choosing the field of my choice, my college life was very much satisfactory. I reached new heights in academic excellence and learnt skills like time management, effective presentation and teamwork. My work-life experience has taught me to challenge myself every day to become a better person. Apart from this, I have had a loving and tendering experience with my family and friends.

Do you believe in-service teachers training in the school is important for the school and teachers development? 

Yes, in-service teacher training plays a crucial role in the life of a teacher in order to inculcate new skills, insights, teaching aids and changing curriculum.

Why do you wish to be part of our team?  

My personal objectives as an educator are based on a pedagogical approach, they happen to align with the objectives of the school. Huge changes come with the effort of little steps. I wish to take the little steps as a teacher to build a culturally rich and educationally powerful environment for the students of the nation. This opportunity can be best provided by your institution. If I am given this opportunity, I will leave no stones unturned to promote.

These are a few most important teaching job interview questions. If you go through the answers once before your interview, it will surely go well. Hope you get hired at the institute of your dreams! Keep reading at MBD.

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